7 Things to Check When Looking for Apartments for Rent

7 Things To Check When Looking For Apartments For Rent

Thorough inspection and checking of the apartment, you intend to move into is of utmost importance for every prospective tenant. There is a very important reason for doing a check on your chosen apartments for rent. You see, not all landlords are aware of their apartments down to the last dot. There is a chance that the tenant before you might have made some changes in the place before leaving. If your landlord is unaware of this, chances are he or she will cut the cost of repairs from your security deposit and, of course, you do not want that happening. The following are some of the essential items you need to thoroughly inspect before deciding to move in.

The first thing you should be looking for are the floors. Surprisingly, the floors are not something that anyone notices at first. You must pay attention to the flooring and the carpets to see that they are not torn, snagged, stained or stinky. Tiles should not be broken or missing or damaged in any way. This is important for your move in any of the apartments for rent new Haven CT.

Next, pay attention to walls. The paint on the walls must not be chipped or peeling from any area. In the case of posters or pictures, there should not be any holes left on the walls. As far as wooden walls are concerned, the panels must not be missing or loose.

Windows are next on the list. There are many occasions where tenants forget to check if the windows of their new haven apartments open up or not. It is an important health hazard and should be taken care of immediately. Missing panes or blinds that do not work need to be checked for, too.

Apartments in new haven that you choose as your future home must also have functional electrical appliances and working outlets. Make sure that all the lights work without flickering or sparking and that none of them are burnt out. As for the outlets, you can check on them using a small appliance to make sure that no issues exist.

Checking up on bathrooms and their functionality is important as well. The use of the bathroom makes up an important part of our daily life. Check if the shower works well and the supply of both hot and cold water is stable. The toilets should be clean, and the flush, as well as faucets, should be functional.

The doors must shut perfectly and lock well. This is an important point that again goes unnoticed by many. You will also need two sets of keys to your apartment as you may need them in a case of any accident. Also take care that a deadbolt from within exists to ensure your optimal safety at all times.

It is increasingly important to ensure that your bedroom’s closet does not have any missing or loose shelves. Also, the windows and the door need to be checked in a similar manner to ensure safety and privacy at all times.